Impact by the numbers

The Psychiatry Consultation Line’s current impact:

  • PCL psychiatrists have consulted with providers practicing in and/or patients living in 38 out of 39 counties in Washington
  • The PCL has served all ages of patients, from 18 to 99
  • In FY23, 72% of PCL calls were from providers working in primary care, 14% work in mental health clinics, 5% work in community hospitals, 3% work in emergency departments and urgent care, and another 3% work in substance use treatment programs
  • During FY23, the PCL assisted 629 unique providers and completed 1,177 consultations. We have provided over 3,000 consultations to date
  • The average time a caller spends on a consult is 14 minutes
  • 32% of calls were from repeat callers; 68% of calls were first-time callers in FY23
  • 99% of providers indicate they are satisfied with the information and recommendations received from the PCL psychiatrists
  • 99% of providers indicate they are satisfied with the time it took to connect to the PCL psychiatrist, both in terms of convenience for themselves and the care of their patient
  • 98% of providers believe the consult will help in the care of future patients
  • 98% of providers say they would recommend the PCL to their colleagues