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The Psychiatry Consultation Line is a provider-to-provider curbside consultation program. Funded by the state of Washington, this program is available to all prescribing and non-prescribing providers throughout the state of Washington.

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Got a staff meeting coming up? Contact us and we’ll drop in virtually to present the program and answer any questions that come up — we’ll only take 15-20 minutes, depending on questions.


We’d love for you to share this website, our postcards and fliers, and other marketing materials with your colleagues working in Washington. If you would like hard copies, get in touch and we’ll mail them to you.

Flyers to Download
Psychiatry Consultation Flyer
UW Psychiatry Consultation Programs
PCL Testimonial Flyer

Miscellaneous (provided upon request)
PCL-branded magnets, pens, sticky notes, coasters