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April 2024
Featured article: Suicide risk assessment

February 2024
Featured article: Suicide risk assessment

December 2023
Featured article: Treating adults with OCD

Fall 2023
Featured article: Antipsychotic-associated metabolic disorder

Summer, 2023
Featured article: New generic option for treating bipolar disorder

Spring, 2023
Featured article: Gabapentin lacks efficacy for bipolar disorder

Winter, 2022
Featured article: Addressing sleep-related difficulties

Fall, 2022
Featured article: Mirtazapine in major depressive disorder in adults

Summer, 2022
Featured article: Using the PMQ-9, a new patient-reported manic symptom measure

Spring, 2022
Featured article: Non-stimulants for Adult ADHD

Winter, 2021
Featured article: Treating Generalized Anxiety Disorder with buspirone

Fall, 2021
Featured article: Diagnosing and treating bipolar disorder

Summer, 2021
Featured article: How to help patients experiencing dementia with behavioral disturbance

Spring, 2021
Featured article: How to ask about substance use

Winter, 2020
Featured topic: guidance on psychotropic medications