Our PCL psychiatrists have consulted with providers practicing in 33 of Washington’s 39 counties. When asked if they would use the PCL again, 97% said yes and would recommend the program to colleagues. Here’s what they have to say:

PCL is a Safety Net

I had a very difficult patient with a complex Psychiatric history and active suicidal ideation and intent without plan. There was no concrete diagnosis in their medical records, although they had been trialed on several Psychiatric medications in the past and was currently on none. Their presentation was suspect of mania and the PCL offered guidance on where to start from a medication standpoint, while they were still in the clinic. Super helpful. 
— King County

Historically functional bipolar patient who had exhausted my options as PCP and I am fairly adept at mental health issues. Called PCL to crack the diamond, their recommendation was very helpful for me and patient as there was no other readily available option in my community for this functioning individual.
— Spokane County

In family practice, I work with general mental health struggles primarily with anxiety and depression, but when it comes to complex mental health issues such as bipolar, ptsd, add/adhd, I need help. As we are all aware, access to psychiatric services in this state is quite limited and sometimes limited depending on what county one resides in. With the particular patient that I consulted on, the level of expertise, approachability and advice was invaluable. Thank you.
Thurston County

As a pediatrician, I am increasingly needing to manage the behavioral health problems of my patients due to the inadequacy of our resources for primary psychiatric care. This year in particular as teenagers and young adults returned from their colleges due to the pandemic, I’ve been asked to assume care for diagnoses out of my range of expertise (bipolar disorder, depression managed with medications not typically used in children) while they searched for care locally. Having PCL be able to consult with me about what was safe, unsafe, and beneficial to do has been invaluable. Given the long lead time for training additional psychiatrists and psychiatric mid-level providers to provide care, I believe it to be essential to continue funding this back up system to avoid having young adults worsen as they go untreated.
— King County

PCL is Building Capacity

So grateful for the help. Not only did they provide an answer to which medication would be best for the patient but also why with some teaching. Practicing at a rural clinic with a vacant behavioral health position, I appreciate the expertise PCL provided in the moment. 
Pacific County

I am the education director for our primary care APPs. When I inform them about this service, I get one of two reactions: Wonder and appreciation, followed by a scramble for a note pad to write down the contact number or a thumbs up for having already had good experiences with the PCL. Thank you for this. In a society where we often have to reach beyond our training to meet the mental health needs of our patients, particularly when travel is an issue, this is a blessing.
— Chelan County

PCL is a Statewide Resource

We are a critical access hospital, and this is such a great resource for us. Thank you for providing it!
— Lewis County

We are VERY short of psychiatry in Clark County, especially in geriatric care. This service has been phenomenal and a huge stop gap in allowing patients quick access to med questions, adjustments, and other concerns to review. I highly recommend this service to my colleagues and hope that this will be covered ongoing by the state. Great service to my community.
— Clark County

I am writing to express my appreciation for this consultation. It was very helpful. As you are aware, it is very difficult to find psychiatrists in Whatcom County available for patients. Please continue this service.
Whatcom County